MCLE Classes & Events

Thursday, January 29: New Admittees Reception

Friday, January 30: New Laws and Forms for 2015 (Civil)

Wednesday, February 4: Focus, Flow, or Frazzle

Wednesday, February 11: Advanced Fee Arbitrator Training

Friday, February 13: Anti-Money Laundering: A Behind-the-Scenes look at the Bank Secrecy Act

Wednesday, February 18: Family Law New Forms & New Law for 2015

Thursday, February 19: IRA Trusts: Purposes and Drafting

Thursday, February 26: Nuts & Bolts of Family Law Business Valuation

Wednesday, March 4: Testamentary Intent

Thursday, March 5: Mock Trials

Monday, March 9: Anatomy of a DUI

Thursday, March 12: Getting it Admitted Into Evidence

Thursday, March 26: Handling Divorce Tax Issues

Friday, March 27: Substance Abuse in the Legal Profession

Wednesday, April 1: How Lawyers Can Help the Courts Run Effectively

Friday, April 17: Civil Pretrial Workshop

Find a Lawyer

Need a Lawyer? The Sonoma County Bar Association can help you find the right lawyer. Contact Win Rogers by email or call her at (707) (707) 546-5297 x 12.

Q: What Is a Lawyer Referral Service?

A: The Sonoma County Lawyer Referral Service (Certified by the State Bar of California, Certification #0056) is designed to assist people in finding the right lawyer at the right time. More than 60 attorneys who are experienced in 16 major fields of law are available to serve you.

Q: How Does It Work?

A: When you call our office, a counselor experienced with analyzing legal problems will help you determine the nature of your situation. If the services of an attorney are needed, an appointment for a half-hour initial consultation is made. You are under no obligation to retain the attorney to whom you are referred. If referral to a consumer, governmental or public service agency is in your best interests, the counselor will be glad to direct you.

Q: What Does It Cost?

A: For only $50 you get an initial consultation with an attorney who handles your type of problem. If, however, you have suffered a personal injury or have a Social Security appeal or Worker’s Compensation claim, the consultation is absolutely FREE. If you retain the attorney for additional services, then the fees charged will be at the attorney’s normal rate.

Q: Why Should I Use the Sonoma County Lawyer Referral Service

A: We are the ONLY full-service lawyer referral service in Sonoma County that is certified by the State Bar of California. As such, our service must meet high standards for quality and fairness. Our goal is to provide the public with increased access to our legal system. Our member attorneys must meet strict requirements to serve on the 16 legal specialty panels which include Family Law, Criminal Law, Personal Injury, and Real Estate. They are all members in good standing of the State Bar of California, must have malpractice insurance, and must have demonstrated experience in the respective field of law.

We helped thousands of Sonoma County residents with their legal problems last year. Let us help you with yours.

If you need help, call us at (707) 546-5297, x 12 or email us.