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SCBA is Currently Closed for all In-Person Business Pursuant to the Shelter in Place Order by the Sonoma County Health Officer. Staff remains available 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, M-F, via email. Please see the Contact Us Page for a list of SCBA Staff emails. .~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.

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Careers of Distinction Awards Dinner

The award recipients are selected based on their practice of law in an exemplary fashion, have distinguished themselves as jurists, litigators, and practitioners, and have applied due diligence in the practice of law day after day. Factors also considered are activities outside the law such as community involvement, volunteerism, and other noteworthy achievements.

Careers of Distinction Awards program: 69 distinguished professionals in the legal community in Sonoma County have been honored since the first awards in 1993.

Past Recipients of the Careers of Distinction Award:

1993 Hon. Joseph A. Rattigan (Ret.) 2010 Clayton E. Clement
Arthur L. Lafranchi
1994 Hon. John H. Moskowitz (Ret.)
Francis J. Passalacqua
Thomas Brownscombe
2011 Hon. Gayle C. Guynup (Ret.)
L. Stephen Turer
1995 Hon. Joseph P. Murphy (Ret.)
Nicholas DeMeo
Charles DeMeo
Luda Barham
2012 Frederic L. Hirschfield
Hon. Laurence K. Sawyer (Ret.)
1996 B. Scott Foster
John Lounibos
Leroy Lounibos
Clarendon Anderson
2013 Richard W. Abbey
W. Barton Weitzenberg
Patrick W. Emery
1997 Jack Ryersen
Everett Shapiro
John F. “Jack” Shea
2014 Hon. Stephany L. Joy
Leslie R. Perry
Kirt F. Zeigler
1998 Hon. Robert Ball (Ret.)
Dennis Keegan
Carlton W. Spridgen
2015 Christopher Costin
David Grabill
1999 R. Winfield Achor
Hon. Rex Sater (Ret.)
Annette Lombardi
2016 Sondra Jean Persons
J. Michael Mullins
2000 Michael O’Donnell 2017 Willard “Bill” A. Carle III
Patrick G. Grattan
2001 Jack DeMeo
Hon. William Boone (Ret.)
2018 Hon. Arnold D. Rosenfield (Ret.)
Catherine A. Copnner
Steven C. Mitchell
2002 Steven C. Neustadter
James R. Mazzoni, Jr.
Alfred F. Maggini
2019 Kenneth D. Gack
John R. O’Brien
2003 Dee Schilling
Edwin C. Anderson
Hon. Lloyd von der Mehden
2004 Hon. Jeanne M. Buckley (Ret.)
Richard Day
William E. Geary
2005 Michael D. Senneff
C. Kenneth James
Harvey W. Hoffman
2006 Richens L. Wootton
John A. Klein
Robert Henry
2007 Gregory J. Jacobs
Leroy J. Lounibos, Jr.
2008 Chris P. Andrian
Thomas R. Kenney
2009 Hon. Dennis Beaman (Ret.)
Hon. William Bettinelli (Ret.)
Larry Scoufos