Special Events


To organize the Summer Soiree, Careers of Distinction Dinner, Pro Bono Awards Reception, and other periodic events. Assists sections with their events.

2019 Chair:
Hernandez, Carla Carla Hernandez Castillo
Terre Family Law
575 W. College Ave., Ste 105
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
P: (707) 575-7765
F: (707) 284-1390
E: chernandez@terrelaw.com
Committee Members:
Gina Fortino Dickson
Stephanie Barber Hess
Daniel Lanahan
Andrew Sampson
Debra Winters
Carrie Wong

Ex Officio:
Suzanne Babb, 2019 SCBA President
SCBA Staff Liaison:
Amy Jarvis, Executive Director
Susan Demers, Membership & Communications Coordinator

The Special Events of the Association include:

Presiding Judge’s Luncheon (January)
Family Law Judicial Officers Luncheon (March)
Law Weeks (spring)
Judges’ Jubilee (May)
Day at the Fair – Remembering Jack DeMeo (August)
Bench/Bar Retreat (August)
Food Truck Event (September)
Careers of Distinction Dinner (October)
Pro Bono Awards Reception (November)
Rex Sater Awards (December)
Holiday Mixer (December)