Jury Instructions Committee

The State Bar Litigation Section’s Jury Instructions Committee (Jury Instructions Committee) reviews and comments on proposed revisions to CACI jury instructions in an effort to help ensure that the instructions are accurate, comprehendible, and even-handed. The Jury Instructions Committee would welcome your participation in this process.

The Judicial Council’s Advisory Committee on Civil Jury Instructions (Advisory Committee) has invited comments on proposed revisions to civil jury instructions in several areas, including contracts, negligence, products liability, FEHA, unlawful detainer, and concluding instructions, among others. The invitation to comment is posted at   The Jury Instructions Committee will study the proposals, discuss any concerns, and submit written comments to the Judicial Council. The deadline for submitting comments to the Judicial Council is March 4, 2011.

Please contribute to this effort by joining the Jury Instructions Committee and participating in our review and discussion, or by sending your proposed comments to the Jury Instructions Committee for the committee to consider and discuss and potentially include in the comments submitted to the Judicial Council. Please contact the committee chair, Ben Ginsburg (, if you wish to join the Jury Instructions Committee. Alternatively, please send your proposed comments to Ben Ginsburg by no later than February 16, 2011, for the Jury Instructions Committee to consider and discuss.

Thank you for participation in this important work of the Litigation Section.

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