Criminal Law Section

CANCELLED: California Values Act (SB 54) – The State’s Limitations on Law Enforcement’s Cooperation with ICE

This seminar will focus on how the Values Act is presently related to Sheriffs Custody Actions

~ What affect does SB 54 have on CDCR?

~ Notification requirements to attorneys and Inmates (Procedural and Legal Rights).

~ Enumerated offenses permitting limited cooperation with ICE; which crimes count?

Espinoza, Bernice

Bernice Espinoza
Criminal Immigration Specialist
Law Office of the Public Defender

Ms. Espinoza is a Sonoma County Deputy Public Defender who specializes in those issues that arise from the intersection of criminal and immigration law (Crim Imm). Ms. Espinoza advises fellow Public Defenders on how best to represent their clients with regard to the immigration consequences of their pleas and charges while carrying a criminal defense caseload. Previously, Ms. Espinoza worked in the Riverside County Public Defender’s officer for 7 years, where she created and oversaw the Crim Imm program. Ms. Espinoza graduated with her law degree from UC Berkeley’s Boalt Hall. As a student, she participated in the California Asylum Representation Clinic (CARC) providing representation at all stages of asylum application process for refugees and worked at the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF).


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