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SCBA is Currently Closed for all In-Person Business Pursuant to the Shelter in Place Order by the Sonoma County Health Officer. Staff remains available 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, M-F, via email. Please see the Contact Us Page for a list of SCBA Staff emails. .~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.

MCLE Classes & Events

2020 Minors Counsel Training Series: WEBINARS: Minors Counsel Training

Tuesday, September 22: WEBINAR: Special Needs Children

Tuesday, September 29: WEBINAR: Determining the Child's Best Interest

Wednesday, September 30: WEBINAR: Advising Employers on COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

Monday, October 5: WEBINAR: Preserving Evidence in Remote Depositions

Thursday, October 8: WEBINAR: Domestic Violence & Child Abuse for Family Attorneys

Friday, October 16: WEBINAR: Presenting Your Case to the Court

Wednesday, October 21: WEBINAR: Bringing a Child’s Voice to Court

Wednesday, October 28: WEBINAR: Child Abuse in Custody Cases

Monday, November 2: WEBINAR: E-Discovery

Tuesday, November 17: WEBINAR: Native American Law

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This seminar will cover the e-discovery process from case Inception to presentation in court, following the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), including identification, preservation letters, and production demands. We will also discuss the technical issues involved in e-discovery such as the challenges in collecting data in a forensic and defensible way, chain of custody issues, and forms of production.

Laura Krieg Advanced Certified Paralegal

Ms. Laura Krieg received her Paralegal Certificate from Sonoma State University in 2005, became a certified paralegal in 2012, and an Advanced Certified Paralegal in E-discovery in 2019. In

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Enforcing Judgments

~ Where to Start ~ Methods of Collecting ~ Dealing with the Sherriff ~ What Not to Do

Stephen M. Beckwith The Law Office of Stephen M. Beckwith

Mr. Beckwith’s practice includes representation of creditors such as contractors, financial institutions, auto dealerships and material suppliers to the construction industry. Further, he has incorporated many Sonoma County businesses and is general counsel to several of these businesses focusing on administrative and contract matters. Mr. Beckwith has an extensive practice in business and personal collections of various clients.

Mr. Beckwith is a member of the California and Sonoma County

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Family Law Disclosure Overview

Parties in a marital action have a statutory obligation to make a full and fair asset, liability, and income/expense disclosure pursuant to Family Law Code sections 2100 through 2113. This workshop will cover disclosure statutory requirements and remedies for failure to provide the information. Ms. Conner will review the components of an Income and Expense Declaration and Schedule of Assets and Debts and offer practical and best practice tips for completion of the Judicial Council forms.

Catherine Conner, CFLS Conner, Lawrence, Rodney, Olhiser & Barrett, LLP

Ms. Conner is a Certified Family Law

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