Attorney Trust Accounts: Pitfalls to Avoid

A Discussion of the requirements of a CTA client trust account in order to comply with the obligations and to avoid California State Bar discipline.

Jonathan I. Arons Attorney at Law San Francisco, California

Jonathan I. Arons is an attorney in San Francisco, California. He is the owner of a two-attorney practice with a emphasis in professional responsibility/legal ethics. For more than 30 years he has advised lawyers on ethics matters, defense of disciplinary charges, and issues concerning admission or reinstatement to the State Bar of California. Mr. Arons also advises law firms and attorneys

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Avoiding Bad Good-Byes

Ethical and Practical Tips for Ending a Client Relationship or Law Practice

This panel will address the many thorny ethical issues that arise when a lawyer ends his or her relationship with a client, including how to ethically withdraw from a representation and what steps a lawyer must take to protect both clients and him or herself when departing a law firm. It also will explore issues relating to the winding down of a practice or law firm, and how a lawyer can assist a colleague during or after an unexpected illness or death.

Michael Shklovsky Moderator Anderson

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Civility Matters VI

Does the adversarial system necessarily require incivility on the part of the participants? Does the fact that each party enters a matter with the intent to triumph over the other side require disrespect of one’s opponent? Winston Churchill did not think so. After the Japanese bombing of Singapore and Hong Kong in 1941, Winston Churchill dispatched a letter to the Japanese Ambassador announcing that a state of war existed between England and Japan. After noting the acts of aggression, Churchill’s letter ended with these words: “I have the honour to be, with high consideration, Sir, Your obedient servant,

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