Under Pressure: Attorneys Dealing with Stress

Attorneys typically don’t want others to know they are struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues. In a competitive, high-stakes environment, they are concerned about privacy, confidentiality, and damage to their reputation. There is reluctance to seek help, because of societal stigma and professional vulnerability. Our two experts will expose the issues, and provide attorneys tools and resources to stay healthy.

David Mann Northern California Consultant The Other Bar

Mr. Mann is a graduate of Ohio State University and Stanford Law School. He served as a Deputy Public Defender in San Francisco before becoming a solo

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Survivors as Advocates:

Disaster Impacts on Legal Professionals

Survivors of disasters are the best suited to deliver services in the local disaster area, however, they are at risk for secondary traumatic stress due to their own exposure and being with their clients’ reactions.

This Training Will Cover: ~ Disaster Impacts: Collective and Individual ~ Disaster Impacts on the Legal/Mental Health Systems ~ Signs and Symptoms of Secondary Traumatic Stress ~ Tools for Mitigating Risk: Building Resiliency ~ Resources for the Advocates and Their Clients.

Wendy Wheelwright, Project Manager, California HOPE

Wendy Wheelwright has been a skilled clinician within Community Mental Health

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Special Issues in Custody Matters and Representing Minors

This program covers all 8 hours of training required by California Rules of Court, Rule 5.242 for Continuing minors’ counsel; as well as the required 12 hours of training for new minors’ counsel!

Discussion Will Include:

~ Minors’ Counsel: Authority for Appointment; Duties, Rights and Qualifications of Counsel; Compensation of Counsel ~ Developing Rapport with and Interviewing Children at Different Stages of Development ~ Child Custody and Visitation Issues ~ Recognizing, Evaluating and Understanding Evidence of Child Abuse/Neglect; CPS Reports ~ Family Violence and Substance Abuse; The Effects of Domestic Violence, Child Abuse and Neglect on Children ~ Tools for

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