11/19 Firearms, Ammunition, and the Law

In these times, it’s necessary to keep updated on the new laws that apply in California. This presentation will cover Proposition 63 and it’s effects since it’s passage in November 2016; the effects different firearms, including semi-automatic rifles (AR 15, etc.) and high velocity ammunition, have on human bodies; and an explanation by a gun dealer/owner of various transfer issues.

Jeff Mitchell Sonoma County Public Defender’s Office

For over 20 years Jeff Mitchell has been an attorney with the Sonoma County Public Defender’s office. He has defended numerous high profile cases including murder and

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2019 Winter C.E.Q.A. Update

An Update on California’s Environmental Quality Act Since June of 2019

Tina Wallis, Law Offices of Tina Wallis, Inc.

Ms. Wallis has her own law firm where she practices land use and environmental law. Ms. Wallis previously served an Assistant City Attorney and Deputy County Counsel advising counties, cities, and special districts on land use, environmental, public works, general government, airport and landfill matters. Since 2008, Ms. Wallis advises private and public clients on all aspects of land use, such as general plan updates, zoning code updates, compliance with California’s Environmental Quality Act, land use entitlements

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11/6 Friendly Persuasion

Mediator Influence, Mediator Manipulation, or Mediator Coercion?

From the moment they enter the picture, mediators influence the nature of the parties’ dispute. In this workshop we will examine the mediator’s conscious and unconscious use of persuasion – the predominant forms it takes, the effectiveness of each approach, and the consequences for the par es and the mediator of employing them. We will also explore how counsel representing parties in media on can recognize and address mediator coercion and how lawyers can employ persuasion most effectively in aid of their clients

Dana Curtis, Esq., Dana Curtis Mediation

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