Legal Developments in LGBTQ Employment Discrimination Law

Laws prohibiting sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination have shifted rapidly in recent years. This training will describe the current state of federal and California law protecting LGBTQ workers and workers with HIV/AIDS, and identify practical considerations when advising LGBTQ, especially transgender, clients in these claims.

Lindsay Nako, Esq. Director of Litigation & Training Impact Fund

Ms. Nako has spent her career representing employees in employment discrimination and employee benefits class actions, including cases brought on behalf of employees and job applicants alleging discrimination based on race, nationality, and gender; pension plan participants and beneficiaries arising from

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Employment & Public Accommodation Issues for LGBTQI Individuals

Come hear from a panel of seasoned experts on recent developments in LGBT Employment & Public Accommodations Law. This presentation will include a discussion of the EEOC’s recent enforcement efforts under Title VII for LGBT workers, an overview of recently-adopted regulatory amendments to the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, and an update on public accommodation issues faced by transgender and gender non-conforming individuals.

Sasha Buchert, Staff Attorney, Transgender Law Center Oakland, California; Alameda County

Ms. Buchert joined Transgender Law Center from Basic Rights Oregon, the state’s chief LGBT advocacy organization, where she was the Communications Manager, and

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LGBT Law Section

The Sonoma County Bar Association is proud to announce the formation of a new section: The LGBT Law Section!

This section will focus on education regarding legal issues impacting the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, such as: tax implications from the pending Supreme Court’s decisions regarding Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act, harassment in the workplace and/or on school campuses, adoptions and marriage/domestic partner dissolutions, community property, estate planning, real estate transactions and taking title, bankruptcy proceedings, criminal law and hate crimes, and many more topics.

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