Member Benefits

Directory of Attorneys

We annually produce a pictorial directory of SCBA member attorneys which also includes listings of individual attorneys’ specialties, related businesses, experts, Judges, legal assistants, and community and government agencies. The directory is distributed free of charge to SCBA members. Additional copies may be purchased for a fee by contacting us at 707-542-1190 or via email at

Bar Journal

Our 20-page quarterly newsletter is mailed free of charge to our members only and features coverage of local legal news, professional profiles, legal topics of current interest, updates on the activities of the various Sections of the Bar, and more.


Our members can obtain discounted professional liability, disability, and individual and group medical, vision, long term care, life and dental insurance coverage. These discounts are significant and unavailable outside of membership in this Association. You may contact the following agents for further information.

Richard G. Romero, J.D. of Romero Financial & Insurance Services can provide you with more information about these exclusive and specially discounted offerings for:

* Medical plans for groups and individuals
* Dental plans
* Vision plans
* Disability income
* Long-term care
* Life insurance

Dan McKenna, J.D., RPLU, of Mitchell & Mitchell Insurance Agency, Inc. can provide you with more information about these exclusive and specially discounted offerings for:

* Professional Liability

MCLE Programs

Among our primary purposes is to provide our membership with locally-offered and reduced-price MCLE units. Our programs are organized by local legal professionals like you and presented by guest speakers from near and far, assuring their relevancy and interest. As a member, you receive substantial discounts on admission. We also have a library of video tapes available for viewing as well as program materials from previous seminars.

Lawyer Referral Service

Our members receive a discount for panel fees in our LRS program. The LRS regularly refers 125-150 clients to our attorney panel members each month. These clients have been carefully screened by our staff prior to the referral, saving your time.

Luncheons and Social Events

In addition to our educational programs, we also produce a number of social events throughout the year. These events are traditionally fun and lively, and provide ample opportunities for building professional relationships and/or relaxing with friends and professional colleagues. As always, members receive discounted admission.


Our members have organized twelve sections within the SCBA: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Business Law, Collaborative Law, Criminal Defense, Family Law, Intellectual Property & Technology Law, Labor & Employment Law, Litigation, New Attorney’s Probate, Public Law and Worker’s Compensation. Only SCBA members can belong to these Sections. Each Section conducts ongoing activities, produces specific programs, and offers informative training relevant to their respective focus.

Fee Arbitration Program

Participation in fee arbitration is mandatory for members of the State Bar. However, local bar associations are not required to offer a fee arbitration program. In those areas where a local program does not exist, the State Bar conducts the hearing. Not surprisingly, this is an expensive process for both attorney and client. Our members have their fee disputes arbitrated locally and inexpensively.